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 Dog Walking

Keep your dog happy and active!

Daily walks are essential for the mental and physical health of your dog, feel great knowing that your pooch is getting the exercise he needs.

Service includes: Stimulating walks, play time, socialisation, positive reinforcement, companionship, affection, fresh water, dry off fur and cleaning of paws after outing.

trois chiens en promenade - three dogs out for a walk

Copains de promenade – Walking buddies

Individual Dog Walking:  Solo walks are ideal for dogs; who prefer to walk at a slower pace, who are less sociable, overexcited in groups or require individual attention.

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Group Dog Walking: No more than 4 dogs per group so your pooch may interact with other dogs but also have a personalised outing.

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In Home Visits 

Choose the duration and frequency of visits!

When choosing an in home sitting service for your companions you avoid the stress caused by placing them in unfamiliar environment, it allows them to remain comfortable in their home while receiving plenty of exercise, play time and affection. While sitting, we will not only care for your cherished companions but for your home as well.

Service includes (depending on needs and time allocated):

  • Potty break, individual walk;
  • Change the pee-pee pad, clean-up potty “accidents”, clean litter, clean cage;
  • Petting, cuddling, brushing;
  • Playtime, amusement;
  • Fresh water, feeding;
  • Collect the mail, water the plants, take out the garbage/recycling, change the lighting to give lived in look.


Puppy Visits: Maintain your puppy’s routine and encourage their potty training with our daily visits.

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Cat & Smaller Animal VisitsYou are away from home for a day or more or maybe your are leaving for a vacation? Whatever the reason, we are here to take care of your companions during your absence. Keep peace of mind knowing that your companions are receiving all the care they need during your absence.

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Additional pet service, care, Dog walking, Montreal Dog walker, pet sitting, cat sitting, Montreal, quebec, Plateau Mont-Royal, Mile-End, Rosemont,Hocehlaga,2

For more information about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us! 514-632-6809